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Spiritual Reflection

Fr. Bob’s Spiritual Reflection–1/10/2024

Fr. Bob’s Spiritual Reflection–1/10/2024

The Miracle Worker

    Today’s gospel gives a picture of some great qualities Jesus had.  The story is that Jesus went to have dinner with his friends when he encountered Simon’s mother-in-law pretty sick and probably in need of a miracle.  Who would be a better guest than the miracle worker himself? Jesus took her by the hand and gave her the miracle and she then could enjoy their company.  Problem is…you can’t keep that a secret and many came to be with the miracle worker and he did not disappoint.  That would be a good motive for all of us, that we just don’t disappoint, especially our loving God.

    But I love the story of what Jesus did later.  He just sneaked away to be by Himself with His Father.  I’m guessing He wanted to check in to see how He was doing.   His prayer would be a warm conversation with God. I think of how much He wanted to make sure He was doing what His Father wanted.  My inspiration from this part of the story is that I make God an essential part of what I do, in my thoughts and my words and what I’m about.  Sometimes I don’t get Him in the story earlier enough.  The beauty of the story is in Jesus need to go off and pray and God’s church (His creation) is such a wonderful place to do it.


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