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Spiritual Reflection

Fr. Bob’s Spiritual Reflection–3/6/2024

Fr. Bob’s Spiritual Reflection–3/6/2024

Following the Commandments

    I am in West Middlesex, PA for a parish mission at Good Shepherd Parish, sitting and looking outside I have these thoughts and reflection.  The smallest of God’s creatures have SO much to say.  The many bird feeders call a lot of different species of birds and they come flying from all directions.  They all seem to get along in their pursuit of food.  I watched wave after wave coming for breakfast, lunch or dinner and then they fly off filled and in peace.  Oh how simple life can be and God’s creatures give a model for harmony in life.

    The Scripture for today calls all of us to follow and live the commandments and when we do we can enjoy our ticket to heaven and bring a little of that kingdom here on earth.  The commandments are not just good ideas, but ways to bring harmony and peace to the world we live in.  They are the guidelines for life.  We are reminded today to love God and love our neighbor.  Life is so much better when we do.  The birds seem to have this figured out.  It’s a joy to watch them.

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