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Spiritual Reflection

Fr. Bob’s Spiritual Reflection–3/8/2023

Fr. Bob’s Spiritual Reflection–3/8/2023

Our Retired Vincentians

    Every Monday on coffee with Fr. Bob, I ask everyone to remember and pray for our retired Vincentians in Perryville, Missouri.  My brother and I had the opportunity to visit them again yesterday.  We are conducting a parish mission at our Vincentian parish in Sappington, Missouri and it is only an hour ride to Perryville.  It is such a joy to visit there.  We all celebrate Mass together, visit and have lunch with these legends of our community.  These are men who have blazed so many trails to make us a better province.  And they so appreciate our coming to visit but it is our joy to be there.

    There is such a sense of family and the happiness of sharing life together that Dick and I so love being a part of it from time to time.  These are men who taught, mentored and inspired us.  We wouldn’t miss an opportunity to be with them.  I will continue to ask you to remember them in your prayers.  If you see anything about the Miraculous Shrine in Perryville, Missouri, know that’s where the Vincentian heroes are residing.


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