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Spiritual Reflection

Fr. Bob’s Spiritual Reflection–5/31/2023

Fr. Bob’s Spiritual Reflection–5/31/2023

Share the Good News

    The picture for this reflection shows Mary receiving the Good News from the Angel that she was to become the Mother of Jesus.  In the midst of her anxiety from the magnitude of the message, Mary was filled with so much joy and happiness and she wanted to share that Good News.  She went to visit her cousin Elizabeth to tell her and that trip brought about the feast we celebrate today called the Visitation.  They both rejoiced at that Good News.  I was reminded about the beauty of sharing Good News and how often I forget or find it not important enough to share.  How foolish!

    Spreading Good News can only make the world a better place and that is such a need today.  And really when that happens, it’s just another statement of how good God is…All the Time.  On this feast of the Visitation, let us pray that Good News is spread all over the world.  (By the way, I’m doing very well with my new hip and that is good news).  Take the time to let your family and friends know your good news.  They will rejoice with you, just like Elizabeth and Mary.


    Share and Enjoy !