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Spiritual Reflection

Fr. Dick’s Spiritual Reflection–5/24/2023

Fr. Dick’s Spiritual Reflection–5/24/2023

Mission Cruise

    The picture I am sending is surely not to make you jealous but a request that our MISSION cruise to Alaska is a great success as well as a safe one.  We have been conducting parish missions on cruises for the past 15 years or so and are happy to do another one this year.  The last one to Alaska we were blessed to celebrate Mass at the cathedral in Juneau, AK with archbishop Andrew Bellisario, CM.  At that celebration, one of our cruisers, Roger Johnson was confirmed.  It was a great day.

    We will be celebrating the feast of Pentecost on Sunday and I was reflecting on how the disciples felt this week.  They witnessed the Ascension of Jesus and were not going to be with Him anymore.  He promised to send the Holy Spirit.  They had to be confused, sad and worried about the future of the Church.  Not knowing what the sending of the Holy Spirit meant, they trusted.  They relied on the Eucharist and the comfort of His words.  I pray that I can have that same level of trust when things don’t go as I would like.  Thank God we have the Eucharist!


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