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Spiritual Reflection

Fr. Dick’s Spiritual Reflection–09/28/2022

Fr. Dick’s Spiritual Reflection–09/28/2022

Meet Me in St. Louis

    That’s the song that pertains to me.  I have moved to St. Louis and will reside at the Vincentian residence.  My reflection is about moving and transitions.  Change is never easy.  However, the place is not as important as the people who surround you.  I will miss everyone in Kansas City, but will love the priests and brothers I live with.  My ministry will continue as planned.

    As I know so well, we are on a journey.  We are in a constant pilgrimage that eventually ends in the kingdom of heaven.  In the meantime, I am challenged to make good out of what is set before me.  I have the power to enjoy, live, accept and appreciate every blessing that comes my way.  I do believe it is so much better to look forward than to be hindered by the past.  Memories are so wonderful when they are about good times, great fun and happy gatherings.  Remembering pain and suffering never brings joy and peace.  So, I will learn from all of you as you experience change and transition.  Thanks for your example.  We move onward and one day UPWARD!

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