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Spiritual Reflection

Fr. Dick’s Spiritual Reflection–11/24/2021

Fr. Dick’s Spiritual Reflection–11/24/2021

We Give You Thanks

    So glad that we have a holiday set aside as a reminder to give thanks.  It is important to never forget how blessed we are. 

    A former NFL football coach once told me that “It’s FAITH, FAMILY, and FOOTBALL” in that order.  So on Thanksgiving we have an opportunity to do just that.  We could attend Mass(faith), then dinner(family), and finally tv(football).  There will be enough opportunity for football since there are at least three games.  If not Mass, then at least some very special prayers of thanksgiving.  

    The word EUCHARIST, when translated means to give thanks.  Can’t think of a better way to tell God “Thank You” than to pay a visit to His house and participate in Mass.  Best to you at this time.  Thanks for your faith in God and in our Vincentian Parish Mission Center.


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