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Spiritual Reflection

Fr. Dick’s Spiritual Reflection–12/06/2023

Fr. Dick’s Spiritual Reflection–12/06/2023


    One of the themes of the missions that Bob and I conduct is “WE’RE NOT DONE YET“.

    Fr. Mike Penn, a pastor in Lake Ozark, Missouri, says it really makes sense. He says that sometimes we start thinking its time to retire and many of the things we did in the parish start to diminish. It may even show itself in our regular attendance at Mass.

    I read a discussion about phrases coming from the Popes.

    * Pope John Paul II tells us what we need to do,

    * Pope Benedict tells us how to do it, and

    * Pope Francis says “Just do it.”

    I know that our pastors are encouraged that people have come back to attending church as they recovered from Covid. They are inspired by the growth of the faith as seen in parish activities.

    So when Pope Francis asked us, after he was elected our Pope, if he COULD COUNT ON US, we can respond with an exciting YES.

    And we can say we followed you when you said, JUST DO IT.

    We thank God for our faith, and when asked what did you do with the faith I gave you, we can we can honestly respond to God with, “I did what your Son asked and I am grateful”.

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