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Spiritual Reflection

Fr. Dick’s Spiritual Reflection–12/20/2023

Fr. Dick’s Spiritual Reflection–12/20/2023

Christmas Time

    It is so wonderful when people who don’t usually agree or get along come together to agree and enjoy.  One of those days is Christmas.  Even non-believers seem to look forward to this day when we celebrate and agree that the birth of one man changed the world.  We celebrate in ways that are different depending on our ethnic background, our history, location and even beliefs.  But one thing we do agree on is that it is a time for joy, peace, happiness and celebration.  I hope you and your family have one of these great days this year.

    We pray for all those who are in areas of the world where fighting and wars go on.  We pray for all those who will be in hospitals and nursing homes and not at home with their families.  We pray for children who are sad because of one thing or another.  But surely we pray in gratitude that we are blessed and able to enjoy this wonderful day and season of peace, joy, light and love.   Happy Holidays to you!

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